Crypto Exchange BitYard Undertakes Brand Refresh With New Logo and Slogan ‘Grow Your Future in the Yard’

The world’s largest cryptocurrency derivative exchange, based in Singapore announced a revamped corporate visual identity. A new logo highlighted ‘B’ and ‘Y’, along with a new slogan and vibrant color palette. The letter ‘Y’ is derived from the word “Yard” and signifies BitYard’s desire to be a global trading hub, providing the best digital investment services. While the initial ‘B’ symbolises the belief that Bitcoin and other crypto will become currencies in global use, BitYard’s new logo highlights ‘B’ and ‘Y’. BitYard’s mobile app has a new optimal UI/IX, which is part of the brand refresh. This is to make the services more efficient. The upgrade not only gives BitYard a new life, but also makes it easier for its users to have a more personal, friendly, and enjoyable digital trading experience.

BitYard’s new slogan, “Grow your future within the yard”, is central to the company’s vision to become the ideal beginner-friendly backyard for global investor. This slogan also recalls our collective memories: those carefree days spent in the yard, with endless creativity. BitYard believes yard is a place of imagination and creativity for children. However, BitYard also hopes that the yard will remain a source for inspiration and motivation for grown-ups.

BitYard intends to penetrate every aspect of digital asset trading services. But most importantly BitYard wants to be traders’ backyard oasis. BitYard provides rich soil, a fast and secure trading platform, as well as multiple garden tools that can help them with a wide range of digital financial services. BitYard’s backyard oasis has covered all aspects of trading services. Spot trading is one of Bityard’s most popular services. It allows users to trade popular crypto such as Bitcoin ( BTC), Ether( ETH), and 70+ other altcoins. Contract for difference (CFD) is another service that attracts users’ attention. This trading service allows users to speculate about the rise or fall in prices of fast-moving global financial market such as crypto, forex and commodities. BitYard supports copy trading, which is BitYard’s favorite service for novice investors. It is possible for newcomers to crypto to succeed in the market by copying successful traders’ activities.

Two new features will be released to reflect the latest trends in digital financial technology. “Crypto Grid Trading” is the first feature. This new trading service allows users of all levels to create strategies and conduct automated investment plans on crypto market. It also manages crypto holdings. A second feature is the ‘Perpetual contract’. This type of futures contract has no expiration date. It can accurately predict the price movement without actually owning the asset. BitYard’s dedication to being at the forefront digital financial services revolution and its commitment towards promoting service innovation are evident in these upcoming features. They will provide trading tools for global users.

BitYard is the perfect choice for users looking to plant their own garden – reaping the rewards of investing and planting the seeds of prosperity. BitYard has undergone a major brand overhaul. BitYard will continue to innovate in order to meet the changing needs of customers and prospects all over the globe, and provide them with reliable, holistic financial services.