Decentralized Indexing Provider Launches Serum Markets Analytics

The Solana protocol (SOL), and its native asset experienced significant growth in the third quarter of 2018. SOL’s market capitalization has risen to the top ten cryptocurrency markets. It has seen a huge 542% increase in the past three months. SOL is currently the fourth largest market with a market value of $72 billion. announced that it now offers analytical insights into Project Selrum.

Serum, a Solana protocol, bolsters liquidity infrastructure. It also provides decentralized apps (dapps), with the ability access Solana’s Blockchain. According to the Serum website, the protocol “brings unprecedented speed (and low transaction costs) to decentralized finance” (defi). The team claims that adding Serum Markets will be a benefit to the ecosystem as it will provide valuable insights and data. explains that ‘The introduction of Serum Markets would vastly benefit Project Serum’s ecosystem, allowing Serum the ability to better analyze and fund the huge influx of data from their various end users, and providing greater visibility for investors into one the largest players in the Solanadefi ecosystem’. “Projects will be able connect to Project Serum’s data using’s technology to enrich Solana’s defi analytics landscape.

“Increased Visibility into the Solana Ecosystem”

As of press time, more than $250 billion in total value (TVL), is locked (defi) across different blockchains today. With $14.63 billion, Solana is the third largest defi TVL. This figure has increased 15.9% in the past seven days. Serum currently has $5.06 Billion TVL and $6.82 Billion in seven-day trade volume.’s new insights will include TVL, trading history, daily active users and’searchable information on specific market addresses, open order accounts and owner addresses’.

In a statement to News, Jonathan Schemoul, founder of, stated that he was thrilled to expand his indexing solutions to Serum and to provide analytics dashboards and visibility into the Solana liquidity infrastructure protocol.

In 2021, analytical data related to cryptocurrency has been a hot commodity. Many firms that provide these statistics have raised millions of dollar. There has been significant demand for firms like and Coin Metrics, Mesari, Dune Analytics.,, and many others. explains that the open API and GraphQL can be used to ‘populate recent trades on Serum into their dapps, or research projects’.