Michael Saylor claims the company will hold Bitcoin for 100 years

What’s more, Michael Saylor is an advisor to the National Association of Securities Dealers and has been employed as a trader and investment adviser by various financial firms including Lehman Brothers. His comments are quite a bit ahead of his time since the world is moving toward a digital age.

The current world is moving toward a digital age, where information and the transmission of information can be sent instantly and securely through the internet. As we all know, with the evolution of the internet comes a great deal of innovation and technology in the form of software programs and other applications that allow us to do a lot more than just send messages. With this new evolution, you have the ability to trade on the internet, exchange and buy goods and services, and even do your banking online without going out to a brick and mortar establishment.

This software programs and other innovations are all being made available to everyone in the world. The question that people have now is if these innovations are good or bad. And given the fact that it is possible to have a virtual currency like the one that was created by Michael Saylor, the answer would seem to be a resounding yes.

If you’re asking yourself how is this possible, well, Michael Saylor believes that the future of the internet is going to provide a lot of opportunities. He sees this as one of the great opportunities for the investors.

He sees this new breed of investor as being able to reap the rewards of the emerging market by utilizing the new and improved software programs and internet technologies. The question then becomes, if this is true, how will the investors benefit from the technology? It seems quite obvious that these new entrepreneurs will profit because they will be able to secure a great deal of value in the currency markets.

So, in essence, Michael Saylor is claiming that this new digital revolution that is going to hit the world will provide an enormous amount of benefits for the investors. I’d have to agree with his view and believe that this will be a very lucrative investment opportunity for you to take advantage of.

One thing that is very interesting about this new breed of investor is that they are not limited by geography or geographical locations. You can invest in this new emerging market, no matter what part of the world you happen to be in and make as much money as you want.

I hope that you will consider all this and think on it because the future of the financial markets will greatly impact the future of the financial system in general. So, if you haven’t already done so, you should start doing so before it’s too late.