The News Spy Review

Welcome to our Official News Spy Review and Scam Investigation.

The News Spy Scam is being marketed as success “formula” in online money-making and a “game changer”. In reality, the News Spy fraudulent software and fake signals app is a very polished get-rich-quick scheme. Now, before we continue with our detailed News Spy Review, we’d like to get point out that we are not associated or affiliated in any way, shape or form with the News Spy scam software. Hence, there is no conflict of interest and our review is honest and independent. So have you heard of this program before? Are you seriously considering the News Spy system? If so, then its critical you read our detailed review before you decide to invest.

Scam Alert! Newly-discovered evidence produced by our research staff indicates with a high degree of certainty that the News Spy signals (its NOT an auto-trader) software is a confirmed financial scam which is rightfully BLACKLISTED and should be avoided at all costs. Its also important to mind the fact that the broker we were assigned to was Wise Banc, which is an unregulated Forex and CFD broker and managed by Orion Service EOOD with an address in Sofia Bulgaria. The strange thing was that the popup we received had a message that said “Your Broker is Prime CFD’s”, but in reality we signed up for Wise Banc. This type of amateur technical integration adds an additional layer of suspicion on top of an existing situation which is problematic at best and most likely dangerous (for your wallet). It’s also vital to point out that our News Spy scam investigation was prompted by complaints about a highly deceptive and misleading system which we now know to be the brainchild of a fraud affiliate network operating in collusion with offshore brokers in a blatant attempt to defraud and victimize unsuspecting day traders and opportunity seekers (that’s you). In fact, we know the real identity of the crooks behind this software, and they have been peddling fake apps since the early days of Binary Options. We shall reveal their identity as we continue to unravel the facts and layers of deception behind the fake News Spy scam software. Keep reading our intriguing News Spy review to see exactly what type of evidence our staff was able to produce and how we were able to expose these charlatans.

How does the News Spy App work?

As an automated trading system, the News Spy’s purpose is to place trades automatically for you. It allows you to sit back while the software does all the hard work of analysing the market and then placing trades in complete automation.

Its level of earnings is reportedly similar to robots like the Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole. The only thing you are required to do for it to function is to decide on the trading settings, which includes daily stop loss, maximum trade amount, maximum profits per day, the amount invested for each trade and so on.

After the settings, you can initiate auto-trading and the software will connect to a broker and channel your funds through it.

Opening a News Spy Account – Step by Step

Signing up is quite easy and can be done in minutes. To sign-up, follow the steps below.

STEP ONE: Registration

The registration form can be found on the homepage. To sign up, you’ll need the following details i.e. First Name, Last Name, Email address, Password, and Phone number. Upon successful registration, your details will be registered in the software’s database. Upon login, the software will be available to you for use – free of costs and fees which can be used for a demo.

STEP TWO: Deposit

To begin active trading, the user has to make a deposit of at least $250. A deposit can be made through the various channels made available on the site.

Step 3: Demo trading

As a newbie in trading, it is advisable to do a demo trading before trading fully as this would enable the user to acquire enough experience and adaptability to the automated trading system interface.

Step 4: Trading

To start trading after funds have been deposited and all necessary settings have been made on the account, the trader should click the “Trade” on his exclusive account on the News Spy software. Thereafter, he/she can search for various tips and tricks in trading using the robot. However, this can also be done manually outside the software.

Note: If you are not certain whether or not you wish to trade on this platform with real funds right away, make sure you try a demo account first. It is completely free of charge, all you have to do is register first and then you can access the demo mode.

The News Spy: Key Features


News Spy promises users that they will make a profit of least 10% a day when trading with this robot. However, this may not be the case for everyone. Some users have reported experiencing losses.  While there is a likelihood of making a good return with this robot, it is not guaranteed

Verification System

If you are worried about having to provide a whole lot of documentation, don’t be. After you have registered by providing a full name and email address, you only have to provide the necessary payment details for the deposit. That’s it!

Withdrawal and Deposits

The News Spy facilitates withdrawals within 24 hours. All deposits reflect in the user trading account instantly.


There are scams out there that not only are designed to make you lose funds, but they do not even tell you about some of the fees you have to pay on the platform. News Spy does not have any fees –  no registration fees, no broker fees, no commissions.

User Testimonials

The News Spy provides some video reviews in which real users briefly talk about their experiences of trading with the software. All of them seem enthusiastic about it and although they do not mention how much they have earned on the platform. The testimonials appear to be real.

Customer Service

Feel free to contact a member of staff at any point. You can do that by clicking on the “contact us” section of the website, where you will find all the available ways you can contact the support staff. They are very friendly and helpful.


News Spy is an auto trading bot and as such, funds go through stockbrokers for the investments to be placed. That basically means that before getting to the asset, your funds go from the News Spy platform and pass by the brokers available in your country of residence. All the brokers associated with News Spy appear to be regulated and reliable.

How was News Spy created?

We thought you would like to know the genius behind the News Spy. The program was created and developed by John Mayers, whose activities in the cryptocurrency industry have earned him a wonderful reputation. He sought to develop a versatile and effective platform to allow everyone to start trading cryptocurrency and earning like the top shot brokers in the industry.

How the News Spy works

We have been able to confirm that News Spy offers all users the same advantages as other excellent auto-trading software such as the Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Loophole. The software analyses the market and detects trading signals that indicate a rise or drop in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. When this is done, proposed trade actions are confirmed and done on behalf of the user. It should be noted that a user can set trade limits to reduce market risks. Trade limits restrict the extent to which the software can trade your investment.

It is free to create a News Spy account; we also confirmed there are no hidden charges. After you make a profit, the system takes a fixed commission based on your profit. We think this is very fair; you only pay the commission after earning.

Important Features of The News Spy

Payout system

The payout system is fantastic; we think it is one of the best developed for trading software. Every user can make as much as $1,500 every day, depending on the amount deposited. We had earlier made a deposit of $250 to test the system, after a live trade session, we earned $135, which was credited to our account. Calculating the rates, we confirm that News Spy has a high win rate. Our earnings will increase as we make a higher deposit.

Verification System

The verification system on News Spy followed standard protocols. We closely monitored the process, our email and phone number was confirmed. The allowed a secure authentication system to stop us from depositing error.

Withdrawal and Deposits

We were impressed with the deposit and withdrawal process on this platform. Our new account was credited a few minutes after making a deposit. When we earned a profit on the $250 we deposited, it was time to test the withdrawal process. Unlike other platforms we have tried, our withdrawal process was completed in less than 24-hours. We think this is convenient and encouraging.


Many comments online sought to know the charges for transactions on News Spy. After our tests, we can confirm that there are no hidden charges on this system. The developers of News Spy have created a transparent system that allows users to see all the activity on their account.

User Testimonials

We were happy to use this feature. After using the software, there is a segment where users can write their experiences with the software.

Customer Service

We know how tricky customer service systems can be, so we tested this feature. After sending a prompt, we got a quick response from a staff that had quick answers to our questions. We can say that the customer support system on this platform is excellent.


The brokers affiliated with the system, are vetted and trusted. We found out there are brokers from all over the world, who can support users in their location. The brokers ensure the automated trading features are performing accurately.

The News Spy Versus other Robots

ATFX Other forex brokers
 Transparent account creation, deposit and withdrawal process, no hidden fees for all transactions.  Other automated trading platforms don’t give users access to their rates for different services
  Transactions comply with FCA standards which promote low leverage.  The high leverage on other platforms puts new users at a disadvantage because of the higher risks.
 Trade support for users at all levels.  New users have no support and can make decisions that cause losses.
  24/7 global customer support system.  Many platforms fail to provide customer support, putting all users at risk.
 Excellent reputation, confirmed by testimonials from real users.  There’s hardly a way to review the offers and claims to on other trading platforms.

How Much Money can be earned with News Spy?

We know that the cryptocurrency market is very vast, and there is so much money to be made from trades every day. We did a test run of the live trading feature on The News Spy and earned a profit after our first trading experience. Also, there are so many testimonials about traders who are earning over $8,000 every day with The News Spy. So to answer the question above, users can earn as much as they deposit. Higher deposits generate more profits.

However, the following tips can help new investors start making money with The News Spy quickly.

  1. Start with small investments. It is best to start with the minimum deposit of $250 and grow your passive income on the platform. With small investments, it is easier to study how the auto trading system works and make plans to invest more when you have more knowledge about the cryptocurrency market.
  2. Withdraw and save your profit. Withdraw your profits and reinvest the capital. Do this consistently, and you will be very rich in a few weeks.
  3. Learn more about cryptocurrency trading.  It is always a great idea to learn all you can about trading cryptocurrency. There is so much information online, find time to read about the current market trends.
  4. Invest only your spare money. Considering the cryptocurrency market risks, you will be the biggest winner if you invest money that you can afford to lose and make a profit. The market is volatile and there are some risks, so it is best to play safe and still make money.

We have created a list of other auto trading platforms we have tested; please check here- bitcoin robot page

Does The News Spy have a Mobile App?

We are sure that a mobile app for The News Spy is being developed. However, the best way to access the auto trading platform now is through a browser on your smartphone or laptop.


Is it a good idea to use The News Spy?

Yes, it is a great idea, we have found many features that prove this is one of the best auto trading platforms. The News Spy is easy to use and many people are already cashing out thousands of dollars every day.

How much is needed to open an account?

It is free to open a new account. After your account is approved, all you need to do is make a deposit and start using the live trading feature.

Is News Spy platform for affiliate marketing?

No, it is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

Is the trading platform safe for online transactions?

Yes, it is, we discovered that The News Spy is protected by SSL protocol, Norton, and McAfee online security programs.

What is the lowest deposit that can be paid into an account?

To get started, users can make a deposit of only $250. This is much lower than what many other trading platforms request from their users.

How reliable is the withdrawal process?

There are no delays for withdrawals on this auto trading platform. Users can get their funds within 24-hours of sending a request to withdraw funds.

The News Spy Review: Our Conclusion

My team has concluded, and we are satisfied with our findings after testing all the features of The News Spy. This is one of the best auto trading cryptocurrency platforms. It is easy to use, and all the features work. We can confirm that all investors who use the system will earn a profit over time and can withdraw their earnings without any problems.

Our findings are in line with a majority of the feedback we found about The News Spy online. Many people are happy with the service and it has made them very rich.

We must also mention that we found evidence that confirms there is a continuous effort to make the auto trading platform better. The developers keep working to ensure that the auto trading platform is free from glitches and can be used by everyone without any problems.

The News Spy is for everyone. This is the most fascinating aspect of the platform. There are no restrictions regarding who can make money with this auto trading platform. We encourage busy people who need a passive income to give it a try.