MetaLoka Clinches Investment from ‘The Bitcoin Man’ Herbert Sim

Metaverse gaming company built on blockchaintechnology, MetaLoka, announced that they have just got an investment from Herbert Sim, well-known by his venture capital fund ‘TheBitcoin Man’. The company has appointed Mr. Sim as an advisor.

Minh do, cofounder and CEO of MetaLoka, stated that MetaLoka was thrilled to have Herbert Sim as an advisor and investor. His marketing and growth hacking skills will be a huge asset to the project’s mass adoption and expansion around the globe.

Mr. Sim stated that Metaloka is home to a talented and passionate team. “The work they’ve done in the past couple months has already demonstrated great potential far beyond any other metaverse projects at this time in the world,” said Mr. Sim. It is exciting to be part of Team Metaloka in order to help it reach greater heights in a “beyond universe” metaverse.

Crypto Chain University was founded by Mr. Sim in 2010. It is the first repository of crypto research papers and blockchain data. He has held various high-ranking positions, including global operations director at Huobi and Chief Marketing Officer at Cryptology, a Russian crypto exchange. Today, Mr. Sim has over one million followers on his verified blue tick public figure social media pages, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, under the handle @herbertRsim.

MetaLoka, a metaverse ecosystem powered with blockchain, brings together entertainment and gaming odysseys as well as fitness, virtual office, education and social connections. MetaLoka aims to create an ecosystem for augmented and virtual realities in order to build the next immersive digital experience. Time Travel Odyssey is the first VR experience in the world that spans multiple dimensions. It allows you to play, create and own it, as well as manage it, and earn money from MetaLoka’s exclusive NFTs.